Hi, I'm Ridge

Get Physically Cultured

Love your body for what it can do

Private Training

Build a base of strength and skill, work on specific movements or progress toward a goal through personalized instruction and programming. Once we’ve set a baseline using the Functional Movement Screen, I can program corrective exercises (as needed) to optimize your movement and posture where needed and a progressive strength training regimen to safely elevate your performance through successive focused work phases.

Contact me for more information, or to schedule a functional movement screening.

Private and in-home training starts at 110/hour; discounted packages available through Elite Performance Center.

Semi-Private Training

Share the experience (and the accountability)!

Treading new ground is often best done with some company! If you’d rather bring a friend (or a few) with a common goal, I train semi-private groups of up to five dedicated students hourly. Celebrate progress together, hit that shared goal and see the best side of your teammates and yourself.

Semi-Private Training starts at 55/hour per student (minimum of two); discounted series available through Elite Performance Center.


I currently teach Kettlebell and Mobility classes at Elite Performance Center in Seattle, WA several days a week.

Mondays —
8am Recovery & Mobility
5pm Kettlebell Strength
7pm Recovery & Mobility

Tuesdays —
5pm Kettlebell Fundementals
6pm Recovery & Mobility

Thursdays —
8am Recovery & Mobility
5pm Kettlebell Fundementals

How I Work

I’m a Seattle-based trainer, kettlebell coach and movement specialist. I view fitness as a means to improve quality of life, and as essential to, rather than contrary to health (it comes first in the dictionary, but generally that’s the only place). I’m also of the opinion that we owe a greater debt to our roots in physical culture than is often acknowledged; I’d say the answers we seek are to be found in historical record far more often than on television or in a magazine.